Monday, November 29, 2010

The Quilt's Secret

Seems like there's never enough window covers, huh?  I've started using quilts.  I don't have the time or extra mullah to make anymore curtains and quilts are great for winter time because they make the room snuggly warm.  I put this quilt up a couple of years ago with a staple gun (so elegant) discovering one of my favorite treasures - a hidden or "secret" quilt.  

It was covering another more colorful quilt.  As you can see, during the day it lights up like a stained glass window revealing the "secret quilt."  

I am now converting our "formal dining room" into our  bedroom so that our old bedroom (the size of a closet) can become Logan's nursery.  Since I'm short on funds I have to make do with what I have so I've decided on vintage eclectic (I know, so original, right?).  I found remnants of an old white slip and used them to make tabs for the Secret Quilt.  

Follow me as I transform the room (it may take a while since I have a 10 month old) into our new "master" bedroom.  Please send helpful and encouraging comments my way!

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