Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New pics of Mom and Logan

We had a fun photo shoot with cousin Bethy this weekend.  Enjoy!

Mommy loves my eyes!

No teeth yet!

Mmmm!  This chair looks yummy!


That was sooo funny!

This is how a puppy walks!

Love this pic!

Watcha doin'?

Even though I struggle the mommy always wins...

Kisses, kisses, kisses!

Who can yell louder?

I don't wannaaaa ma ma!

I LOVE YOU, Mr. Grumpy Face!

Such a handful!

This is a dried up leaf.  Very interesting . . ..

You don't want to see the horrible face I made in this pic.  I love cropping!

Secrets . . ..

Sooo solemn.

He cracks me up!


  1. Oh Ctina...soooo cute! I miss you guys a ton. Give the little pumpkin a snuggle for me. :)

  2. We miss you too and I have no problem giving him a snuggle for you!

  3. Two of my favorite people in some of my favorite pictures of you yet! Beautiful.

  4. What a cute little puppy! Thanks for your sweet comments on my post. Hugs to you & hope you have a happy Thanksgiving week.