Saturday, October 29, 2011

My new life

It's been a while since I have posted.  First, my laptop died and I didn't have the money for the longest time to replace it.  I also moved back to my home town, Ellington, MO, in hopes of making an impact on the community with the arts and all my BIG ideas.  Ellington is a very small mining and milling community and according to the Missouri Unemployment, we have the highest unemployment in the state.  It's sad.  On top of that many of the original historical buildings are disappearing and the former charm that this town used to embue has settled into the piles of rubble and and disrepair created by the wake of parking lot needs and unwilling attitudes to restore our history.  With that said, I have strarted a performing arts school with an emphasis in dance.  The name of my school in TaDa! School for Performing Arts.  My hope is that someday we will have an accomplished school of dance and fitness and a community theatre.  Here are some pics of a few of my students.  They are expressing themselves through scarf dancing.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Quilt's Secret

Seems like there's never enough window covers, huh?  I've started using quilts.  I don't have the time or extra mullah to make anymore curtains and quilts are great for winter time because they make the room snuggly warm.  I put this quilt up a couple of years ago with a staple gun (so elegant) discovering one of my favorite treasures - a hidden or "secret" quilt.  

It was covering another more colorful quilt.  As you can see, during the day it lights up like a stained glass window revealing the "secret quilt."  

I am now converting our "formal dining room" into our  bedroom so that our old bedroom (the size of a closet) can become Logan's nursery.  Since I'm short on funds I have to make do with what I have so I've decided on vintage eclectic (I know, so original, right?).  I found remnants of an old white slip and used them to make tabs for the Secret Quilt.  

Follow me as I transform the room (it may take a while since I have a 10 month old) into our new "master" bedroom.  Please send helpful and encouraging comments my way!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New pics of Mom and Logan

We had a fun photo shoot with cousin Bethy this weekend.  Enjoy!

Mommy loves my eyes!

No teeth yet!

Mmmm!  This chair looks yummy!


That was sooo funny!

This is how a puppy walks!

Love this pic!

Watcha doin'?

Even though I struggle the mommy always wins...

Kisses, kisses, kisses!

Who can yell louder?

I don't wannaaaa ma ma!

I LOVE YOU, Mr. Grumpy Face!

Such a handful!

This is a dried up leaf.  Very interesting . . ..

You don't want to see the horrible face I made in this pic.  I love cropping!

Secrets . . ..

Sooo solemn.

He cracks me up!