Monday, October 18, 2010

A sad story

I'm sorry to say that my first blog will be sad.  My cat, Buttonboy, of almost 20 years was found dead in a neighbors yard.  After having a complete meltdown I instructed my husband to wrap him up for the freezer so that I could take him home to be buried with my other cats in mom's garden.  I looked out into the night earlier and said goodnight to him just in case his spirit was nearby.  I only hope that he went to Rainbow Bridge to meet Misha and my other kitties.  I hope he didn't suffer and yet I will never know.  It wouldn't help to know anyway.I am thankful that the neighbor was kind enough to find the owner of  Buttonboy instead of disposing of him.  At least I will know that he is gone and not wonder and worry.  I find myself hoping (again) that heaven is truly real and that God would grant me a seaside, Thomas Kinkade-ish cottage with all my cats.  I do not want a mansion or streets of gold.  I will miss Buttonboy's weight at my feet as I sleep at night. Goodnight dear, sweet cat.


  1. So sorry. We lost our beloved dog, Jack, this summer to cancer, so I understand your pain. We found great solace in the children's book, Dog Heaven and I believe there is a Cat Heaven book by the same author.